Monday, January 12, 2009


Shooting star Daniel Portman is one of the brightest talents in electronic music scene. He returns with his second artist album called ‘Twisted Memories – Poem in C-Minor’.

Containing 10 of Daniel’s top sellers in 2008 so far, as well as 6 brand new club tunes in full length versions. For the special album edition he adds a special continuous DJ-Mix to the package.

’Twisted Memories – Poems in C-Minor’ is quality electronic music at its finest. With his extraordinary style of creating songs he affixes a stamp on his music but he’s always able to surprise the crowd with songs from deep house to rolling progressive house tunes. “I don’t want to get sorted into a single genre”, he says.

Tracks like ‘Wellness Park’ (Harem Records), ‘Starwarrior’ or “Costa Brava” (Unreleased Digital) have made their way up to the top of charts on most of the relevant electronic music download stores and are getting constant support by the biggest global players.

Out of almost fourty songs Daniel released in 2008 he had to choose very carefully to limit the album to 16 of the very best.

“When I made the DJ-Mix I felt like I was reading a poem”, Daniel says, “everything fit together and so I thought to name the album after this experience I went through making it. I definitely picked the lentils out of the ashes.”


01. Daniel Portman - Open Your Mind [Original Mix]
02. Daniel Portman - Hells Kitchen [Original Mix]
03. Daniel Portman & Andrea Oliva - Cherokee [Original Mix]
04. Daniel Portman - For Your Soul [Original Mix]
05. Daniel Portman - Dunguness [Original Mix]
06. Daniel Portman - Avalanche [Original Mix]
07. Daniel Portman - Costa Brava [Original Mix]
08. Daniel Portman - Time Well Wasted [Original Mix]
09. Daniel Portman - Wellness Park [Original Mix]
10. Daniel Portman - Rumour Has It [Original Mix]
11. Daniel Portman - Starwarrior [Original Mix]
12. Daniel Portman - Fiji Islands [Original Mix]
13. Daniel Portman - Battle Scars [Original Mix]
14. Daniel Portman - Disclosure [Original Mix]
15. Daniel Portman - Remember The Nights [Original Mix]
16. Daniel Portman - White Russian [Maher Daniel Remix]


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